Twiga Foods: Food & Retail Distribution Platform in Africa

Twiga Foods

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What does Twiga Foods do?

Twiga Foods is a B2B food marketplace and retail distribution platform that uses technology to link farmers and FCMGs to retailers on the African continent.

Twiga has over 100,000 registered customers and delivers to 10,000 every day, enabling food to be acquired and delivered throughout Kenya.

In Kenya, Twiga has decreased usual post-harvest losses from 30% to 4% for crops sold via the Twiga platform.

Twiga also launched a fintech product that provides merchants with finance to help them grow their enterprises. 

Twiga Foods has aided over 17,000 fresh food producers since its inception in 2014 by providing thrice-weekly deliveries to 8,000 merchants.

This agrictech startup in Africa is seeking to revolutionize the retail sector on the continent and it seems to be on its way.

Who owns Twiga foods Kenya?

Twiga Foods was launched in 2014 by Peter Njojo and Grant Brooke. Twiga currently has around 23 investors.

Twiga Foods CEO

Peter Njonjo is the Co-founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Twiga.

Twiga Foods Funding: How much has Twiga foods Raised?

Twiga Foods has raised a Total Funding of $157.1 Million from 23 Investors. Some of Twiga Foods’ investors include Wamda Capital, Omidyar Network, DOB Equity, Uqalo, 1776 Ventures, Blue Haven Initiative, Alpha Mundi, AHL Venture, IFC Ventures, TLcom Capital, and Adolf H.

Twiga Food Latest News

Twiga Foods raises $50M to Scale Food Solutions Across Africa

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