South Africa’s HR Startup Wamly Secures Second Round of Funding to Expand in Africa

wanly secures second round of funding

South African HR startup Wamly secures second round of funding to expand in Africa. This is the second round of investment Wamly has gotten from local venture capital firm Knife Capital as the HR startup seeks to begin expansion from South Africa to other African countries. This deal means UK-based Knife Capital partner, Davey Gant, join the Wamly board of directors.

Wamly was launched in 2018 by Francois de Wet who was 18 months ago joined by Shark Tank South Africa TV show investor Marnus Broodryk. Wamly has a team of over 20 talented local individuals with deep experience and the startup’s dynamic approach to the HR process gives the confidence that the HR startup is ready to take a global stage.

Wamly is a one-way video interview software that helps companies recruit people for vacant positions without the need for one-on-one interviews. Allowing companies to interview more people quickly and bagging better candidates at a faster rate.

Wamly’s HR software allows companies, HR agencies to filter through applications quicker. Review candidates on their own schedule, giving them more leverage to recruit the best applicants for future interviews.

Here’s what founding partner at Knife Capital, Keet van Zyl, had to say about the Wamly deal

“I have an immense amount of respect for what Marnus has achieved in the South African entrepreneurial space, and when he told me about his new venture, the team behind it and the Wamly growth metrics, Knife Capital just had to take a closer look.

“We used Wamly for our own recruitment process during the due diligence exercise, which underpinned the market opportunity. It has been a seamless journey so far and we are excited about executing on the disruptive growth strategy here.”

The startup is one of the biggest video HR software providers in South Africa, with this new funding from  Knife Capital, Wamly wants to accelerate its growth by expanding to other African countries and even beyond.

This new cash injection will be used by Wamly to power its marketing initiatives, expand and build new teams, and for product development.

Wamly doesn’t just get cash to operate from this deal with Knife capital, it can also leverage the VC fund’s knowledge and networks.

Wamly wants to be the leading software application for recruiters in Africa alongside plans for international expansion and Wamly new funding is very timely. Especially as the HR & Payroll industry in Africa heats up especially with other African HR & Payroll startups like YC-backed Workpay, SeamlessHR and Bento.

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