Elon Must Starlink Plans to Launch in Kenya Q2 2023

Elon Must Starlink Plans to Launch in Kenya Q2 2023

Elon Musks’ satellite-based internet service, Starlink, will launch in Kenya by the middle of 2023 this year.

A lot of Africans face internet access challenges since most African countries lack reliable connectivity.

Here are 2 reasons why Starlink might be a welcome development in Kenya:

  1. It is an alternative to existing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) providers, who’re finding it difficult to expand their networks to rural and remote areas.
  2. It will offer Kenyans internet access that might not be subject to government censorship since Starlink’s internet service is satellite-based tech that doesn’t use physical infrastructure and can reach even the most remote areas.

But the most crucial part of this is cost. Starlink is not cheap.

Its current pricing range will be more expensive than existing telco, Home internet and FTTH solutions. So not a lot of Kenyans might be able to get it.

You can already pre-order for Starlink in Nigeria at $600 for setting up the hardware and a $43 (~N32,000) monthly subscription.

starlink in Kenya 2023

In Kenya, you can make a deposit of $99 to preorder a Starlink when it launches in the country. This deposit says is fully refundable

However, this is all subject to Kenyan’s federal government approval.

While Starlink might provide some competition to ISPs and FTTH providers in Africa. The price is still a big factor to consider. We can expect internet access pricing to evolve in the coming years on the continent.

For now, Africans can have high hopes for better alternative internet access sources.

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