AWS Launches Local Zones in Lagos, Nigeria to Promote Connectivity & Help Businesses

AWS Launches Local Zones in Lagos, Nigeria to promote Connectivity & Help Businesses

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened new Local Zones in Lagos, Nigeria. This comes after it opened up new offices in the country late last year.

AWS Local Zones allowed the deployment of applications located close to end users in the metro area.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has confirmed the availability of a

AWS Local zones are a type of infrastructure deployment that places hyper-scalers’ compute, storage, databases, and other services near largely populated areas or on-premises data centres.

Because of Local Zones, AWS customers can deploy applications that require single-digit millisecond latency to end users.

“Local Zones close to large population centres in urban areas enable customers to achieve the low latency (minimal delay in the network) that digital activities like online gaming, live streaming, and augmented and virtual reality require.

AWZ local zones launch is coming after AWS opened up offices in Lagos, Nigeria late last year.

Robin Njiru, AWS regional public sector lead for West, East, and Central Africa had this to say about the new launch:

“With today’s launch of a new AWS Local Zones location in Lagos, we are proud to bring the cloud closer to AWS customers, so they can deploy latency-sensitive workloads and meet local data residency requirements,”

“We’ve designed Local Zones to support a broad range of use cases—from trading applications that need to respond quickly to market fluctuations to interactive live event and gaming experiences.

Customers in a variety of industries can now deliver new innovative services and experiences to their end users, all with familiar AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools,”

Businesses or anyone interested in the newly available offering in Nigeria can find out more in the AWS portal here.

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